Spa Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Esthetician applying a scrub to a woman's back.


90 Minutes

Pure Detox

A full-body pumice scrub helps detoxify, followed by a 30-min lymphatic drainage massage.

Esthetician spreading full body scrub on a woman's back.


90 Minutes

Dead Sea Salt Glo

This full-body scrub stimulates lymphatic flow, sloughs off dry skin, and is followed by a half-hour relaxation treatment.

Woman relaxing on table receiving awakening retreat body treatment


60 Minutes

Awakening Retreat

A combination of Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Seaweed Full Body Wrap and a customdesigned HydraPod Treatment

Woman receiving a back facial scrub.


50 Minutes

Back Facial

Exactly what it sounds like! We eliminate dead skin, melt away muscle tension, rehydrate the skin, and treat all the hard-to-reach areas.

Esthetician applying algae scrub to a woman's back.


90 Minutes

Sea Weed Firming Body Wrap

This anti-aging, anti-sagging treatment is suitable for all body types and uses algae wrap that lifts fat and promotes detox.

Esthetician rubbing a french green clay mud blend onto a woman's back.


75 Minutes

Mud Cell Rejuvenation

Cell rejuvenation with French Green Clay infused with Vitamin E, essential amino acids, and extracts from grapefruit and kelp. Treatment is followed by 25 mins in our sauna pod and a 45 mins seaweed mud mask.

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