Hydro Pod

What is a Hydro Pod?

The Hydro Pod is a unique and customizable spa experience designed to help you achieve optimal hydration and relaxation. This full body spa service combines infrared heat, chromotherapy, vibratory massage, aromatherapy & a nourishing steam bath infused with your choice of vitamins and minerals.

The infrared heating system in our Hydro POD can also help to increase circulation and  metabolism, while the vibration massage bed and powerful jets can help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.  Aromatherapy can also help to enhance the overall experience, providing a calming and uplifting atmosphere.

Hydro Pod benefits

Lymphatic flow stimulation

The hydrotherapy massage provided by the water jets can help to stimulate lymphatic flow, which can improve immune function and promote detoxification.

Inflammation reduction

The hydrotherapy massage can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which can alleviate pain and discomfort.

Calorie burning

The combination of heat, water jet massage, and steam can help increase the body’s metabolic rate, which can result in the burning of calories.

Muscle relaxation

The massage of the water jets can help to relax sore and stiff muscles, reducing tension and promoting overall relaxation.

Skin hydration

Steam Liquid-Vitamin Infusion in the Hydro Pod can help to hydrate the skin, improving its overall health and appearance.

Blood circulation improvement

The hydrotherapy massage can help to increase blood flow and circulation, promoting healing and overall well-being.

Heavy metal detoxification

The heat and steam of the Hydro Pod can help to eliminate heavy metals from the body, promoting detoxification and overall health.

Hydro Pod is a luxurious and effective way to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and support overall health and wellness.

Hydro POD

Wellness Technology
  • Single: $59
  • 4 Pack: $209
  • 10 Pack: $499
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